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Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-WA 1st District)

4th term Democrat from Washington 1st District.


Visit Rep. Suzan DelBene's candidate bio page.

Residence: Medina

Marital Status: Married (Kurt)

Prev. Occupation: Business Executive

Prev. Political Exp.: WA Dept. of Revenue Director, 2011-12

Education: BA Reed College, 1983; MBA University of Washington, 1990

Birthdate: 02/17/1962

Birthplace: Selma, AL

Religion: Episcopal

Percentage in Last Election: 57%

Major Opponent: Robert Sutherland


Current Elected Office Contact Information

Contact Rep. Suzan DelBene.

Website: delbene.house.gov

Bothell Office: (more district offices)

22121 17th Avenue SE, Building E, Suite 220
Bothell, Washington 98021
Phone: (425) 485-0085
Fax: (425) 485-0083


Current Elected Office Committees:


Current Elected Office Staff Members:

  • Chief of Staff: Aaron Schmidt
  • Scheduler: Eddie Reilingh
  • Legis. Dir.: Lauren Soltani
  • Comm. Dir.: Lou Wasson
  • Veteran Affairs LA: Kyle Hill
  • Military LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Child/Family Issues LA: Kyle Hill
  • Health LA: Kyle Hill
  • Financial Services LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Foreign Policy LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Education LA: Kyle Hill
  • Agriculture LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Telecomm LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Elections LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Energy LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Environment LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Firearms LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Judiciary LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Tax LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Transportation LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Trade LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Commerce LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Labor LA: Kyle Hill
  • Budget LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Civil Rights LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Government Affairs LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Housing LA: Kyle Hill
  • Medicare/Medicaid LA: Kyle Hill
  • Appropriations LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Science/Technology LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Social Security LA: Kyle Hill
  • Space - NASA LA: Kyle Hill
  • Animal Welfare LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Women's Issues LA: Kyle Hill
  • Native American Affairs LA: Shantanu Tata
  • Immigration LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Homeland Security LA: Lauren Soltani
  • Press Asst.: Chad Prince
  • LC: Whitney Hamilton
  • Arts/Humanities LA: Whitney Hamilton


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